Five Easy Ways to Spruce Up a Front Entry

Five Easy Ways to Spruce up a Front Entry

Short of replacing an old door with a new one or undertaking a major repainting project, there are some inexpensive fixes that can improve the appearance of your entryway. Focusing on aesthetics as well as on functionality lets you create a fresh look for a small investment. By coordinating materials, colors and finishes of hardware, you can create a harmonious effect. A good first step is to scrub the area with a detergent and hose it down to remove accumulated dust and debris.

Choosing a Distinctive Door Knocker
Door bells lack the charm of an aesthetic door knocker, and popular materials include brass and bronze for wood doors. Designs range from a simple plate and ring to an elaborate lion’s head with many options between those extremes. Home improvements stores offer selections in the $50 range, giving you the opportunity to make a distinctive and artistic statement on your front door.
Matching Door Knobs for Aesthetic Appeal
A door knocker announces the presence of a visitor, and a matching door knob helps to complete a coordinated accent. If you do not have a dead bolt lock, install one as an essential part of your refurbishment project. Get the kind that requires a key on the inside if you have glass panels around your door. For safety purposes in case of an emergency, place a key where a family member can easily find it. For about $100, you can deter a break in with a dead bolt.

Selecting Matching House Numbers
New visitors to your home need to see your street address to make sure that they are in the right place. Numbers that have lost their visibility through age or wear from the elements are often difficult to see, and the refurbishment of your front entry can improve their appearance. Brass presents sharp, clean images that are easy to see, and they complement a brass door knocker beautifully.

Bronze presents a darker and softer finish that may suit the architectural features of your façade. Each number is priced separately, and the four inch size is the most popular. Matching screws make an easy job of surface mounting, and prices per number are usually less than $10.

Lighting the Entry
A ceiling porch light makes your entryway visible and welcoming, and it can prevent trip and fall accidents. Entryways that are dark increase the possibility that an intruder may lie in wait, and lighting makes it safer. A motion sensor in some models detects movement on your front porch and turns on automatically. Some lamps have an Energy Star rating as well as a dusk-to-dawn sensor that saves on the cost of electricity. Prices for exterior ceiling lamps start at less than $50 for basic models.

Replacing the Threshold
While not noticeable to most visitors, a new threshold is an attractive addition to your entry that may lower energy usage in your home. With wear from foot traffic over the years, the gasket centerpiece can lose resilience and allow drafts to enter under the door. A new threshold can seal gaps that are more than an inch high, preventing the entry of bugs and debris as well as cold drafts. An inexpensive home improvement at less than $25, a new threshold is easy to install.

For less than a $300 investment, you can replace old lighting and door hardware, make your home safer, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Each project is an easy task that you can do by yourself unless you need assistance with installing a new dead bolt.