Common Causes of Household Water Damage

Common Causes of Household Water Damage

No matter how well you prepare for any type of situation, accidents and disasters occur. Water damage is one of the most common reasons why homeowners panic and they have good reason to do so. Water in your home leads to mold which can cause health problems or increase allergy symptoms. Before you begin ripping your hair out trying to identify where water may come from, consider the following common causes of water damage in the home.

Broken Appliances

If you have a home appliance that is broken, it may be leaking. Since the appliance’s leak is most likely hidden, you may never even know the water is there until it is too late. Refrigerators with automatic icemakers tend to leak when there is a hole or tear in the line. Dishwashers are also a common cause of leaks. With an obvious leak, the problem can often be fixed by replacing a seal around the unit, but more subtle leaks, such as ones in the drain line, can require a plumber to fix the problem.

Faucets in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The faucets underneath your kitchen and bathroom sink can leak and as they do, the water may begin to damage your wooden cabinets, eventually causing mold. You should check the connections underneath your sink often to ensure they are secure and no leaks exist.

Leaking Roof

Typically when your roof leaks, you are unable to see there is a problem until some damage is already done. If you ignore a leaking roof, it will eventually cave and completely flood your home. The best time to identify a leak is during a storm or right after a storm when water is most likely to come into the home. You can also press on your roof to find any soft spots. You should also occasionally look at your ceilings for any indication of water damage, such as discoloration or condensation.

Plumbing in Your Walls

Since the plumbing in your walls is hidden by drywall, you cannot typically see there is a problem until either the pipe bursts or the drywall begins to bow and discolor. When a small crack or pinhole in the pipe exists, water is able to escape and drip into the interior of your wall. Mixed with the humidity from your home, mold will begin to grow and reproduce in the wall.

It is important to thoroughly check your home for the common leak sites as water damage can be disastrous if it does occur. If you notice a leak at any point, clean up the water mess right away and have your appliance or pipe fixed.